18 January 2023
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December Monthly Update

December Monthly Update

Key highlights from December

Happy New Year Degens! May lord pepe bless you w/ successful leverage trades and millions of dollars worth of bounty rewards! The BD & Marketing folks met in Thailand & chalked out a revamped roadmap. We had an OG week - a series of 5 mini games, where 587 degens competed for USDC & OG3 rewards. The Engineering & Product team are focused on building and we are excited to deliver the ZKX DEX & StarkWay. For now, the entire team is gearing up for the CIP season 1 launch. Get ready to witness the birth of a new Universe!

Let me walk you through how we spent the last month of the year 👇

Our Holiday Meal 🥗

Holiday Meal

In the Spotlight

1. ZKX 2022 Recap..and What’s Next?

ZKX 2022 Recap..and What’s Next?

We covered our highs and lows and the importance of resilience while building a project in the blog. We are extremely grateful to the community for supporting us through our milestones. Exciting things are lined up for you in Q1 2023. Read the blog here.

2. Market Bloodbath

Market Bloodbath

We hosted @RedBuildingCap's @Ivantok4 Jay from @Unicorn8668 & Kaito from @CoffeeTimesTW in our Twitter spaces to chat about FTX’s impact on Asia, regulation, rapport b/ investor & founder and how cold does 2023 look.

3. FTX impact on market

FTX impact on market

We dug deep to find FTX’s impact on the market in November and found that the DEX>CEX numbers showed a different story. DEX volume increased by & $30Bn vs $130Bn in CEXs. More interestingly, the Perp Market share increased.

Tweet of the Month

Tweet of the Month
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Starkware Ecosystem Update

  1. @stark_con Concluded the year w/ 10 events, 3000+ attendees at IIT Madras.
  2. Visa is working w/ @StarkWareLtd and @argentHQ to introduce Autopayments on a Self-Custodial Wallet via Account Abstraction
  3. Cairo flipped Rust - TVL in Smart Contract Language.
  4. The Aave <> StarkNet bridge for aTokens is now LIVE!
  5. StarkNet v0.10.3 is deployed on testnet, which includes increased performance improvements.

Special thanks to Swagtimus for helping me source this information!

What's Next?

  1. We’re launching CIP - a combination of contributor and ambassador programs in a gamified universe.
  2. The @stark_con team will set off 2023 in IIT Kanpur. Keep up w/ them here.
  3. We’ll be releasing a technical paper on an unique Funding Rate called ABR.
  4. @zkxprotocol is looking for Discord mods in these countries. Fill the here if you’re interested.

Stay tuned for our next update as I share exclusive tea 🍵 with you every month. For now, back to work!