21 February 2023
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ZKX Yakuza

Final Chapter: SZN 1

ZKX Yakuza Final Chapter: SZN 1

Welcome to the thrilling world of ZKX Yakuza, a gamified Community Incentives Program. Launched on 25th Jan, it's designed around the famous Yakuza, complete with a gripping storyline, and 8 characters linked to specific initiatives. You can navigate this universe as a Contributor, Ambassador, or Testnet trader.

It is a world where hierarchy matters and every member strives to climb up the ladder to earn their rightful place. But the path to the top isn't easy, and you need to prove your commitment. There are multiple ways to climb the hierarchy, and each journey has its own leaderboard and will unlock Yakuza NFTs and rewards in the future ZKX token.

Meet ZKX Yakuza’s Chief: Oyabun, Head of the ZKX DAO

The ZKX Yakuza storyline follows the journey of Oyabun, a former cyber security expert working for the government turned rogue, as he rises against the corrupt government in 2029.

Over the next twenty years, he gathers a fierce army of rebels by his side - former degens now transformed as Core Contributors, Ambassadors, and OGs. In this high-stakes game, loyalty is everything, and Oyabun’s mission for Season 1 is to throw out the status quo and bring true decentralization back.

Introducing Oyabun’s Rebel Army

  1. Yakuza - An undercover Trading collective that protects degens from the prying eyes of the government. Demands payment in loyalty.

  2. Oyabun (The Boss) - Never been seen, but always heard. Leader of the Yakuza!

  3. Saiko-Komon (Senior Advisors) - Secret ‘guides’ that helped the Yakuza return to the Ethereum chain and manage their operations online.

  4. Komon (ZKX Moderators) - The Komon are specialist staff who assist the Saiko-Komon in running the DAO smoothly. They moderate the global language channels for ZKX.

  5. Waka-gashira (ZKX Ambassadors) - Robin Hoods of the new world who travel the ether undetected, spreading the word of the Yakuza.

  6. Shatei-gashira (OG Level 1) - The most sophisticated traders who drive the Yakuza’s efforts to extract the best yield.

  7. Kyodai (OG Level 2) - Traders who have begun to prove their mastery and oversee management and recruitment for the Shateigashira and the Oyabun.

  8. Shatei (OG Level 3) - A R***n who rises through the mist and is accepted back into the Yakuza. Only a handful will survive.

  9. R***n (OG Level 4) - They are hustlers who seek to earn their place in the Yakuza. Committed to elevating their skills under the guidance of the Saiko-Komon. (Coming Soon)

The ZKX Yakuza Prophecy

Greater darkness descended upon the land in 2029. The hordes of apes died in the financial crisis and gave way to a new era of greed and corruption. The government, which gained access to financial institutions, also seized control of the Ethereum chain. To enforce its rule, the government hunted down anyone who supported decentralization.

After nearly a decade, degens had dwindled to a shadow of their former self. The government, on the other hand, blinded by its agenda, was regularly monitoring people and forcing them to put their money into CBDCs. Amid the chaos, a new leader emerges—a man who once fought for the law is now fighting to give power back to the people.

The Oyabun, who has never been seen but is believed to lead the Rebel Army, creates a plan to restore the Ethereum network and find the lost nodes. The vision of his plan: "Power will scatter in infinite pieces, chains will be broken, and everyone will hold one piece." Those in power don't believe him. But old degens join him on a journey spanning 20 years full of twists, discoveries, and revolution that will birth the new Yakuza.

In 2050, with the right connections, some off-chain payments, and ingenuity, the Yakuza managed to find the lost nodes and gain access to the chain again. The Yakuza protects traders from government agencies that prey on experienced degens and node operators, demanding payment in blood and loyalty to the kinship

Every day the traders of the ZKX Yakuza compete to get the best yield out of the cyber currencies and squeeze alpha out of unsuspecting institutions and wealthy citizens. The worst traders are excommunicated from the Yakuza and left to dwindle in the haze of the 420 districts, where former R***n hustle their way through metaverse gambling and betting on NFT battle cards. Occasionally, a R***n trader rises through the mist and is accepted back into the Oyabun's lair. Are you going to be one?

Season 1

In Season 1, we are looking for a group of fearless Contributors and Ambassadors who can help us grow the DAO and shape the direction of the protocol with us.

ZKX Ambassador Program

The Program offers exclusive bounties and perks to select 50+ ambassadors.

As an ambassador, you’ll hold the coveted Wakagashira role in our Discord, responsible for spreading the ZKX Gospel across the Ether.

We are looking for 2 types of community leaders to join the ranks: Crypto Twitter OGs and International Market Enablers, who can help us activate our target markets.

Ambassadors can flex their strength across 5 different bounty categories — Social Media, Content Creation, Growth and Referral, Cultivation, and Translations. You can pick up the ones you prefer and execute them!

Currently, we have 25 ambassadors doing impressive work

Top bounties from our ambassadors

  1. Alpha Drops did a mega thread on us on ZKX and our Community Incentive Program
  1. A brilliant thread by Paul on why DEX narrative matters
  1. A visual walkthrough of our website and how to be part of ZKX Yakuza in turkish

We also do a weekly recap of our Top bounties every Sunday, so you can check it here.

If you think you have what it takes, complete the steps below:

  1. Read the ZKX Ambassador blog to know more about the sweet, sweet perks!
  2. Complete the typeform
  3. You will be contacted for a follow-up interview with the ZKX core team if selected.

ZKX Contributors Program

As we know, in the world of ZKX Yakuza, status is everything. And now, with the launch of the ZKX Contributors Program in partnership with Crew3 and DeWork, you have a chance to work your way up the hierarchy.

Community Quests powered by Crew3

  • We are introducing Community quests, which will serve as your stepping stones to climbing the ranks of the Yakuza hierarchy.

  • It's simple, everyone starts at OG 4 (R***n), but with your hard work and determination, you can make your way up to OG2 (Kyodai) and even OG1 (Shateigashira).

  • We have 65+ quests for you to tackle, earn points, and show off your skills. The higher you rank on the All-Time Leaderboard, the higher your OG Role and rewards at the end of the Program (15th May)

  • You want to be in the Top 2500 to earn at least an OG2 role (Kyodai), which guarantees a better NFT and higher reward in $ZKX tokens. But if you're looking for the best of the best, then you need to aim for that OG1 role (Shateigashira) Top 500.

  • And that's not all! We will also have monthly competitions in-store, and winners will receive special ZKX merch boxes!

  • These quests can be performed in your free time while contributing significantly to ZKX.

Can you write a haiku on us or spin some wild memes or even merch ideas, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Read the ZKX Contributors Program to know about perks, who we are looking for & more.

  2. Join the ZKX Discord.

  3. Connect to the ZKX Crew3 page with your ZKX Discord role.

  4. Start completing quests and make your way up the leaderboard!

DAO Bounties powered by DeWork

The gates to the DAO Bounties are like Fort Knox, and only the most rigorous contributors are granted entry. We’re talking about the long-term contributors willing to put in some serious elbow grease to join the ZKX DAO.

Do you want to join the ranks? Get ready to flex those skills in Social media, Growth, Content, Tech, and more categories.

But wait, it gets better! If you impress the Core Contributors with your stellar work, you’ll have a chance to work with them as an apprentice. And who knows, maybe you will even score a spot in an official working group when the ZKX DAO goes live.

And for those who want to take it to the next level, there’s a leaderboard that tracks the top contributors. So if you have what it takes, you could end up with OG2 and OG1 if you are in the top 500 on the leaderboard. So there’s a bit of both on offer :)

  1. Join the ZKX Discord.

  2. Connect to the ZKX Dework page with your ZKX Discord role (R***n and above).

  3. Navigate our 💰 ZKX Bounties board to explore open tasks

  4. Successful completion of bounties will earn you the role of ‘DAO Apprentice’ in the ZKX Discord.

  5. As a DAO Apprentice, you will work directly with Core Contributors in dedicated Discord channels.

Want to know more? Read the blog here.

What’s Next ?

On March 7th, Season 2 of the thrilling adventure will commence leading into Testnet. Your ultimate goal is to secure the highest rank in the journey/leaderboard of your choice to earn Yakuza NFTs and Token rewards.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The mysterious R****n’s story will finally be unveiled, adding a new layer to the already heart-pounding gameplay.

Season 3 looms on the horizon as the adventure continues, promising even more twists and turns for those brave enough to continue. But the end is in sight, as the Contributors Incentive Program will be paused at the end of Season (15th May) to collect wallets across the Contributors and Ambassadors Program leaderboards.

Then in June, the moment everyone has been waiting for will arrive with the NFT collection launch leading to the Token launch. But with so much at stake, will the players of ZKX Yakuza be able to stay one step ahead and remain in the graces of the Oyabun? Only time will tell!

About ZKX

ZKX is the first perpetual futures exchange on StarkNet with self custody and true community governance. The protocol is designed to provide further scalability with a decentralized node network, an elevated trading experience and offer perpetual swaps and derivatives to any user on Starknet and Ethereum. ZKX’s mission is to democratize access to global yields through its offerings to anyone, anywhere.

In July, ZKX raised $4.5m in seed funding from backers including StarkWare, Amber Group, Huobi, Crypto.com and others.

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