07 February 2023
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Chapter 4: Army of the Dead

ZKX Yakuza - Wakagashira

Welcome, degen.

Have you wandered enough?

You have been on a journey and have now met three players in the game of power and control. The Oyabun, a mysterious leader who leads the Rebel Army; the Saiko-komon, a skilled hacker who has joined forces with the Oyabun; and Komons', who are set to assist the Saiko-Komons in a special task.

What do you see?

You have navigated your way in the story to Neo-Tokyo - a cyberpunk Japanese city set in 2049. The lights are brighter, and the cars are faster, but society remains corrupted by the control and greed of those in power. People continue to be angry and discontent as their lives become less meaningful.

Amidst the chaos, Oyabun's plan is set into motion. The first order of business for the Saiko-Komon was to decode the information the Oyabun had shared with them. The second is to regain access to secure platforms like Telegram. They needed to find 50+ Wakagashira (Ambassadors) who are believed to be on Telegram to spread the word of rebellion and who is better than Komons' to find them.

Character Biography

The Wakagashiras' were once loyal soldiers in the decentralized world, fiercely dedicated to their projects and the vision of a free and open financial system. But in 2029, their world was shattered when the government gained control of the Ethereum chain and the financial institutions. Forced to go into hiding, the Wakagashira disappeared, forced to take on new identities and live far from the world they loved.

But they missed the thrill of CT, the clout, and the world of decentralization and longed to be part of the world again. If the Komon is the heart of the crypto-verse, Wakagashira is its blood. Komon's made crypto accessible, but the Wakagashiras spread the word across markets—they knew the ins and outs and the right people.

As part of the Oyabun's plan, Saiko Komons had reached out to the Komons and hacked into Telegram to gain control. The second part of the plan was to enlist Komons to find the lost 50+ Wakagashira and bring them into the Yakuza.

You are drawn into a world of high-stakes action and danger as the story unfolds. The choices made by the Wakagashira, the Oyabun, Saiko-Komon, and Komon will determine the fate of the decentralized world. Will the Komon find the 50 Wakagashira, and will they be reunited with the community they love, or will the shadows of greed and corruption consume them? The answer lies ahead.

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About ZKX

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