26 October 2023
2 min read

Newsletter #101: Everything, everywhere, all at once ft. 7 Sins with ZKX ⚔️


Gm Anon,

September and October have been a wild ride. It almost felt like ZKX was Everywhere, Everything all at once! We started the month by jumping right into our 7 Sins campaign — And trust us, we’ve got a LOT to spill 🫗

All you’ve got to do is keep scrolling 👇

7 Sins…to Mainnet

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So what in this mad world is 7 Sins w/ ZKX? 👀

We have spiced things up on CT with the 7 Sins, designed to unveil seven major announcements every Wednesday. The excitement is already building as we've uncovered five of these sins, and here's a little secret – two more are lined up for November, but shh, don't tell anyone! 🤫

For now, enjoy the 5 reveals 👇

  1. ZKX Appchain
  2. Introducing $ZKX Token
  3. Presenting ZKX Account
  4. Airdrop Phase #1
  5. Yakuza NFT Drop

1. ZKX Appchain: The Balance between Performance and Security ⛓️


Our 1st Sin journey started with the introduction of our ZKX Appchain, an omnichain layer connecting users to our exchange across multiple L1s and rollups. Think of it as a unified order book across Ethereum's L2s, offering seamless liquidity without gas fees or chain constraints.

Now, why this move, you ask? This strategic move aligns perfectly with our long-term vision to capture the crypto derivatives market. We understand that while there are constraints for decentralized exchanges to match the performance of centralized exchanges, ZKX Appchain aims to bridge that gap for traders.

Read all about the ZKX Appchain here.

2. Introducing $ZKX Token


The build-up for the 2nd Sin was REAL, and we had to live up to it, so we did 😉

Presenting $ZKX: Your Key to Governance and Rewards.

$ZKX serves as the governance token for the platform, with a fixed supply of 100,000,000 ($100M). When you stake $ZKX, you gain governance power, granting you access to the protocol's revenue in USDC and securing long-term community benefits.

With this governance power, you can actively influence the direction of the DAO and even delegate any parameter or function within the protocol to qualified teams that want to become a sub-DAO of ZKX.

Our tokenomics have been meticulously crafted to strike a harmonious balance of power, fostering ownership and laying down the foundation of the ZKX DAO.

For a deeper dive, check out the full announcement here.

3. Introducing ZKX Account: Our 1st Product to Mainnet


Onboarding to new ecosystems in DeFi is painful and requires bridging and multiple steps. This makes it challenging for users trading on centralized exchanges to transition and begin their DeFi journey.

However, ZKX has embarked on a mission to change this narrative. With the introduction of the ZKX Account, we're set to offer a user-friendly and secure onboarding journey akin to centralized exchanges. This innovative account serves as an all-in-one DeFi hub, providing self-custody and ensuring a seamless, privacy-focused user experience.

The best part? Your ZKX account transforms your engagement with ZKX into a gamified journey.

Want to dig deep into it? Check out the full announcement here.

4. ZKX Airdrop Phase 1


The 4th sin was QUITE huge! The community kept asking wen token, so we answered: NOW! 🪂

Phase #1 of our Airdrop was dedicated to the Early Adopters and contributors for playing a pivotal role in the growth of ZKX. This phase involved the distribution of 4% of the total supply, with approximately 11% earmarked for the second Airdrop.

Although the first phase has concluded, we've got some exciting news for you. Airdrop Phase #2 is round the corner, dedicated to our DeFi members and traders actively participating in the upcoming campaigns. The opportunities to contribute are plentiful, all leading up to the exchange launch in early Q1 2024. Keep your eyes peeled for more! 🔥 🚀

Check out the full announcement here.

5. Presenting ZKX Yakuza NFTs

0_o9SE7leL_RI2gEsx (1).png

And last but certainly not least, we took off the curtains from our 5th sin. The Yakuza NFTs: An exclusive 8888-piece collection curated by ZKX. This is a commemorative collection to acknowledge the loyalty of our early contributors.

Go mint your NFT now!

Alright degen, time to put a wrap on the sins, and well, this newsletter!

Take this as a cue to keep that phone aside, get autism free for the weekend, hang out with the bois, and have a beer or two 🍻

We’ll see you pretty soon spilling all the updates.

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