08 February 2023
3 min read

ZKX Ambassador Program

ZKX Yakuza

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the ZKX Ambassador Program in partnership with Dework. We are offering exclusive ambassador bounties to more than 50 ambassadors from the world of Crypto Twitter and emerging markets. The Ambassador Program will play an integral part in the growth of ZKX.

Who are we looking for

We’re looking for community leaders who are vocal about the potential of DeFi to bring a change in the world. Their goal will be to spread the ZKX gospel all over the world, and build a group of ambassadors who help us shape the future at ZKX.


  1. You're a leader in the Layer 2 and DeFi space.
  2. You bring a wide range of skills, including social media, content creation, growth hacking, language translation, and event planning.
  3. You are an existing community leader with an active following.
  4. You can promote ZKX within your social circle or region.
  5. As the ZKX community grows, we need regional ambassadors to represent ZKX worldwide!
  6. You're passionate about decentralization and democratization of opportunity, i.e., leveling the playing field for all.
  7. Even if you don't tick all the boxes above, please feel free to apply!

Category of Ambassador bounties


  1. Social Media
  2. Content Creation
  3. Cultivate regional communities
  4. Growth and Referral
  5. Language Translations

How to get involved?

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please complete the steps below:

Get Involved

  1. Complete the typeform
  2. You will be contacted for a follow-up interview with the ZKX core team if selected.

We encourage prospective ambassadors to learn more about ZKX and provide actionable feedback, ideas, and plans for how they will grow the ZKX community.

Now once selected, how do you get started on Dework?

  1. Join the ZKX Discord.
  2. Connect to the ZKX Dework page with your ZKX Discord role.
  3. Start completing bounties and make your way up the leaderboard!

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

  1. Access to rewards in the future ZKX token
  2. Discord Role and private chat with Core Contributors
  3. Exclusive Yakuza NFTs
  4. Opportunity to represent ZKX in your regions
  5. Access to mentorship and growth opportunities
  6. Be at the forefront of the next big thing in DeFi

We will also have the following activities for the community -

  1. 9th February - AMA with Dework on ZKX Twitter Spaces to dive deep into the partnership and discuss the ZKX Ambassador Program.

  2. 10th February - Community Call with Dework on ZKX Discord to walk you through how to set up your account on Dework.

In case of any questions, you can reach out to khukri#3744 & Novice#3200 on our Discord.

About Dework

Dework is a Web 3-native collaboration tool where decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) can organize internal and external teams, manage tasks and bounties in a transparent way, and help new members get started.

About ZKX

ZKX is the first perpetual futures exchange on Starknet with self custody and true community governance. The protocol is designed to provide further scalability with a decentralized node network, an elevated trading experience and offer perpetual swaps and derivatives to any user on Starknet and Ethereum. ZKX’s mission is to democratize access to global yields through its offerings to anyone, anywhere.

In July, ZKX raised $4.5m in seed funding from backers including StarkWare, Amber Group, Huobi, Crypto.com and others.

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