Tanisha Kohli
Tanisha Kohli
20 December 2023
3 min read

The Road to Mainnet Q1, 2024

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This blog covers our BIG Announcement, what we have in store for 2024, the new gamification, Clans and Rewards and Airdrop 2.0 👀

Get ready to Trade Perps, Gamified


BUCKLE UP, BUCKLE IN... hold tight! Excuse our enthusiasm. This is not your typical blog. We are sure you're all curious about the trading terminal in the banner. Well, here's a major announcement for you folks 👇



Here’s a sneak peak of OG Trading - a new gamified exchange that we have been working on for a while now! Well, we hope you are as excited about this as we are!

How did we reach here?

Let's start with the DeFi space. Narratives may come and go, but the perp landscape has held its own, witnessing new players entering the race for the top perp exchange. Many of them claim to offer "leveraged trading decentralized", which is a fantastic promise, but what if we want more?

The notion of a "one-stop solution for DeFi" has a nice ring and resonates with our vision. It's good to dream big. And that's how we ended up with an idea of why not provide a trading experience for all — whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer who just wants to have fun trading.

We decided to expand our products from advanced trading to other DeFi products, which we have been working on this year. Brace yourself for 2024 - an intense yet enjoyable download of what the ZKX Core team has been up to and what you can expect -

Roadmap for Q1 2024 -

  1. OG Trading
  2. Token Launch
  3. Advanced Trading

Let's dig into each of these milestones.

1. OG Trading
OG Trading leads our product lineup, promising a gamified experience for traders from all walks of life. Leveraging the ZKX appchain, OG Trading is a DEX where traders can degen to their heart’s content. With features like competitions, clans, rewards every 30 minutes, the exchange brings a new trading experience.

2. Token Listing
Next in line is the Token Listing. Rewards tied to OG Trading, Clans and Community campaigns will pave the way for Airdrop 2.0. On the listing front, we’re actively engaged in discussions with major CEXs for the listing of the $ZKX token. More details will be shared ahead of listing.

3. Advanced Trading
Get ready for our advanced trading terminal – envision it as Bloomberg for Degens. Some of you have seen it during our testnet 😉. Tailored for risk-savvy traders who thrive on arbitrage, the terminal offers a suite of perks and tools for sophisticated trading, including complex trading orders and APIs.

The Journey to OG Trading Mainnet starts now

At ZKX, we're not just building a trading platform; we're cultivating a community where everyone, from novices to seasoned traders, can find their space. The journey begins with OG Trading.

As you know, gamification is a core element we consistently bring to the forefront for our traders and the community. Within OG Trading, you'll find 4 clans, and your on-chain history in DeFi plays a big role in determining your clan.

Clan Hierarchy (ascending order)

  1. Yakuza Barons
  2. Pachinko Degens
  3. Ethereum Titans
  4. DeFi High rollers

What are the perks of being in a clan?

• Exclusive NFT for each clan
• Bonus $ZKX Rewards for the Top 3 clans
• Gain access to a private VIP Telegram group exclusively for 2 clans

Stay tuned for the Eligibility Criteria, Clan Hierarchy and Reward Mechanism release in January.

Early Contributors 🤝

To show our gratitude to the amazing support of our community, we’re inviting our early contributors to join the whitelist for the Yakuza Baron clan.

All OG (OG 1, OG2, and OG3) role holders within Discord can now whitelist and secure their spot in the Yakuza Baron clan.

If you whitelisted during the summer, you are already on the waitlist. However, if you are uncertain, feel free to complete the form to confirm


Simply fill out this Typeform with your details. The form will be live from 20th December to 1st January.

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting things happening at ZKX. So don’t be afraid to ask questions and let’s build together 💪

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