20 March 2023
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The Drifter

ZKX Yakuza - Ronin

In the world of the ZKX Yakuza, their Chief, known as Oyabun, plans to bring the Rebel army's work to fruition. His goal? To ensure that the people have access to the ZKX Testnet. And he opened the doors of ZKX Yakuza to anyone who had the guts to make it. That's where Ronin enters the scene.

Oyabun’s Rebel Army in 2050

The group of seven individuals stood before the Oyabun, their loyalty unwavering. They had fought hard, braving the dangers of the corrupt world to bring about a new age of decentralization. And now, the upcoming Testnet was their key to unlocking a world of abundance and prosperity.

Together, they crafted a plan with three phases designed to test the limits of even the smartest individuals. The Saiko-Komon advisors had provided guidance and support, while the Komon and Wakagashira had traveled far and wide to spread the word and recruit new members.

But the Shateigashira, Shatei, and Kyodai - the traders were gearing up to drive the Yakuza's efforts to extract the highest yield.

At the bottom of the hierarchy were the Ronin - Level 4 members, a man of the underworld, dealing in the shadows of the Metaverse and the lucrative world of NFT battle cards. His reputation preceded him, but he has earned his place as an OG Level 4 in the ZKX Discord through his unrelenting hustle.

The group's fate hung in the balance as they raced towards their ultimate goal. Would they emerge victorious, or would their greed and ambition lead to their downfall? Only time would tell, and the stakes were higher than ever before.

Ronin’s Story

We're thrilled to announce that the story of Ronin, inspired by cruzcontrol, was chosen as the winning entry.

The creativity and talent of our community never cease to amaze us, and we're grateful to all the 24 who submitted their work. The story of Ronin captivated us with its thrilling plot, and we can't wait to see what other incredible ideas our community will come up with in the future.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in our DAO. Let's keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible together!

In the depths of the Metaverse, where the shadows stretched long, and the only law was that of the jungle, Ronin hustled. He dealt in the lucrative world of NFT battle cards, where a reputation was everything and connections could make or break.

Ronin was an OG Level 4 in the ZKX Discord, but he knew he had to prove his worth to the Yakuza. The upcoming Testnet launch was his chance to climb the hierarchy, but he needed a plan.

He made a deal with a verified community of degen traders to test the platform before anybody else. He worked with Komons’ and Wakagashiras’ to spread the word through every platform he could, offering bounties and enticing others to join his army of testers.

But Ronin knew that quantity alone wouldn't be enough. He had to focus on quality. He poured all his energy and knowledge of the ZKX infrastructure into creating detailed test cases, demanding the highest caliber bug reports and improvement suggestions.

While Ronin had cracked the code and earned Oyabun's loyalty through the grind, his fate depended on the testnet's success. But Ronin knew this was only the beginning. He continued to hustle and build his reputation, knowing the road ahead would be difficult and dangerous.

About ZKX

ZKX is the first perpetual futures exchange on StarkNet with self custody and true community governance. The protocol is designed to provide further scalability with a decentralized node network, an elevated trading experience and offer perpetual swaps and derivatives to any user on Starknet and Ethereum. ZKX’s mission is to democratize access to global yields through its offerings to anyone, anywhere.

In July, ZKX raised $4.5m in seed funding from backers including StarkWare, Amber Group, Huobi, Crypto.com and others.

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