04 December 2022
3 min read

November Monthly Update

November Monthly Updates

Key highlights from November

It was a looooong November. What started with a Coindesk article turned into the biggest fraud in the history of crypto. The SBF saga made it clearer why we need DeFi more than ever. At ZKX we’re committed to bring DeFi as it was always meant to be. Our India team attended StarknetCC India. More on that below! The Tech team is working simultaneously on two products StarkWay & ZKX DEX. On the BD front, the team is pushing hard to close all strategic partnerships. The Marketing team is organizing fun competitions for the ZKX community. Join ZKX Discord to participate!

For now, let me walk you through how I spent my November 👇

Our Tech ninjas chilling at StarkNetCC India

Our Tech ninjas chilling at StarkNetCC India

In The Spotlight

1. StarknetCC Bengaluru

StarknetCC Bengaluru

The ZKX India team assembled at @StarknetCC. Our COO @olitsar discussed ‘DeFi adoption in emerging markets’ w/ @imrgoyal, @Shaaran5 and @PareenL in a panel. Our tech ninja @0x0VC took a workshop featuring Cairo tooling & account abstraction.

2. ZKX website launch 🇬🇧

ZKX website launch

The tech & marketing team were at it & launched our brand new website dressed in fresh colors: Purple 🟣, Green 🟩, Pink 🌸, and Yellow 💛Check it out here: https://zkx.fi/

3. Partnership with RedStone

Partnership with RedStone

We announced @redstone_defi as one of our data providers. The partnership will provide our users access to diverse and reliable data price feeds. To know more, click here.

Tweet of the Month

Tweet of the Month
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Starkware Ecosystem Update

  1. @BanklessHQ has written a detailed piece on Beginner's Guide to StarkNet.
  2. @zkxprotocol hosted @redstone_defi to talk about the future of DeFi.
  3. @StarkWareLtd successfully deployed their token $STRK on Ethereum mainnet.
  4. @StarkWareLtd shares a glimpse of open sourced Cairo 1.0.
  5. @myBraavos, a decentralized StarkNet wallet announces a $10m fundraising.
  6. @StarkNetEco announced V2 of their platform. Check it out here.
  7. @Starknet_id shared their platform stats: 176K mints, 62K owners, +25K Twitter subscribers.
  8. Imperium Wars, a conquer and earn NFT game published their white paper.
  9. Web3 Educational Gamified Project, @nodeguardians, is now LIVE.
  10. @briqNFT launched on mainnet & got sold out in 30 mins.

Special thanks to Swagtimus, odin_free, @0xNurstar, and StarkNet Intern for helping me source this information!

What's Next?

  1. The BD & Marketing team have a bootcamp in Thailand. They’ll discuss the upcoming roadmap of ZKX.
  2. The @stark_con team will next visit IIT Madras. Keep up w/ them here.
  3. We’ll be releasing a Back to Basics blog followed by a technical paper. Till then catch up w/ our previous ones here.

Stay tuned for our next update as I share exclusive tea 🍵 with you every month. For now, back to work!