11 December 2023
1 min read

Introducing ZKX DAO Contributor Program


Table of Contents

  1. ZKX DAO Contributor Program 
  2. How does the Program work? 
  3. Who are we looking for? 
  4. Application Process

ZKX DAO Contributor Program

We are excited to launch the ZKX DAO Contributor Program, marking the first step towards our vision of the DAO and establishing a decentralized ecosystem governed by our community.

Our objective is clear—We are looking for outstanding contributors to represent the ZKX DAO and amplify our presence in emerging markets.

The DAO Contributors will play a pivotal role, serving as the bridge between ZKX and building our communities around the world.

How does the Program work?

1. First Working Group of ZKX DAO: The contributors from the program will function as the first working group of the ZKX DAO.

2. Flexible Hours: The program will be active from January to July 2024, allowing contributors to customize their involvement based on their expertise and will receive compensation in $ZKX tokens.

3. Collaboration with ZKX Core Team: Your contributions are vital, and close cooperation with the ZKX core team ensures ongoing progress monitoring and alignment with our objectives.

4. Evolution of Working Groups: Once the ZKX DAO is established, the working groups can become different sub-DAOs based on performance and expertise, each with its budget in USDC.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for contributors driven by a strong drive for business development, possessing strategic acumen, financial experts, trading analysts, and content creators who not only hold deep insights but also wield a presence in the ever-evolving space of DeFi and crypto.

These roles will be organized into distinct working groups -

1. Regional Contributor: If you have the skills to develop and execute regional business strategies to expand ZKX’s regional presence and help establish and maintain connections with local partners - Apply here

2. Financial Analyst: Calling all trading connoisseurs who can analyze and provide technical analysis of asset price movements, moving indicators, etc, and are known to share the alpha with Traders - Apply here

3. Content Creator: If you spend a lot of time on X and are passionate about never-ending narratives, market movement, educational content, and video skills, this job is for you - Apply here

Application Process

The Process is straightforward!

  1. Apply for the role that interests you and fill out the job description
  2. That will be followed by an interview with the ZKX Core Team.
  3. Post that, you will be added to a dedicated contributor channel in our Discord where you can collaborate with the ZKX Core team.

If you're eager to contribute to the ZKX DAO and ride the wave of growth with us, consider this your invitation. Bonus points if you've got prior experience with exchanges – we're doubly excited to welcome you aboard!

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