04 September 2022
3 min read

August Monthly Update


Key highlights from August

August was all about events for Team ZKX. We attended two major events in India this month: Web3Conf India and Money Expo India. More details as you scroll 🚀

The Marketing & BD team had a bootcamp in Goa to strategize for the following quarter. Tech & Product folks are still working w/ Nethermind for the smart contract audit. For now the troop is gearing up for the CIP launch!

Let me walk you through all the important updates 👇

Throwback to a scenic Goan view

Goan View

In The Spotlight

1. Web3 Conf India

Web3 Conf India

We attended the Web3ConfIndia, India's first chain-agnostic web3 conference. A panel was hosted by us where our co-founder Naman was accompanied by Ajeet Khurana, Кashif Raza and Kriti Gupta. Our founder Eduard, gave a talk on ZKX and the emerging markets ⚡️

2. Money Expo India

Money Expo India

Our co-founder Naman took the stage w/ @Kointrack_tech, @Osiztech & Panorama Finance at Money Expo India, an event for investors and finance enthusiasts to discuss “The Future of Cryptocurrencies in India”.

3. Back to Basics

History of Starkware

'State of Starkware' is the latest addition to our Back to Basics Series. This edition is about StarkWare, its founders, StarkNet,and the projects fueling the ecosystem's growth. Check it out here.

Тweet of the Month

Tweet of the Month
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Starkware Ecosystem Update

  1. @defislate interviewed @zkxprotocol's founder @0xEduard to discuss about StarkNet and ZKX's vision.
  2. @0xNurstar covered our conference at @web3conf_india: here.
  3. StarkWare's next milestone Recursive Proving of General Computation is live on Mainnet.
  4. Hyper-scaling is now a reality with StarkWare as the SHARP prover switched on Recursion.
  5. You can now bridge funds on StarkNet from zkSync, Optimism and many other chains using Oribiter Finance on Argent.
  6. Cairo co-author PapiniShahar presented the vision for v1.0 at StarknetCC.
  7. Myria has parterened w/ StarkWare to create ZK STARKs-based L2 scaling solution to power their gaming platform, marketplace, and wallet.
  8. StarkBoard, a place to track StarkNet-related metrics and protocols published a blog to introduce their product.
  9. ExoMonk published an article to create your own ERC20 token w/ Cairo.
  10. Odin posted an infographic of 175 StarkNet projects: here.

Special thanks to Swagtimus, odin_free, @0xNurstar, and StarkNet Intern for helping me source this information!

What's Next?

  1. StarkCon is traveling across India. Stay tuned w/ us on Twitter.
  2. We'll continue our Back to Basics series with our next topic - Koselig with Cairo. Do you have a recommendation for a topic? Our DMs are open.
  3. For September, we've planned a series of Twitter Spaces. You can keep up w/ us on Twitter.
  4. Exciting competitions for the community are coming up!

Stay tuned for our next update as I share exclusive tea 🍵 with you every month. For now, back to work!